Friendship School House

Friendship School House

The one-room Friendship School House is a museum that represents a by-gone era of education.  The Friendship School was built in Taylor County about 1918 by residents of the Bengal community. It was located on the farm of Theodore and Ellen Cowherd approximately 8 miles from its present location.

According to Mr. Cowherd who attended Friendship from the first through the eighth grades, two students would sit together at one desk, called a “double-seater.” He recalled attending school from eight to four with the school term running from July through December. At different periods of its existence the class size may have varied from as small as eight to as large as forty students.

The Friendship Schoolhouse now is both a museum and a classroom. It is part of our heritage that will become an important part of our present as well as our future.

Schedule a Tour

The Friendship School House is located behind the Taylor County High School. All visitors are welcome and encouraged to visit. To schedule a tour of the Friendship Schoolhouse, please email Carlotta Johns at or call (270) 849-4347 and leave a message.