Terry & Mo’s Place

Terry & Mo’s Place

When you stay at Terry & Mo’s place, please note that you will be sharing a residential home. Your stay will be private and peaceful and it’s perfect for couples, solo adventurers, business travelers, and even families.
You have the option of reserving 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms on a floor dedicated to AirB&B, which includes a den/kitchen combo, large bath, and laundry room. A semi-private entrance to a modern, yet cozy floor.

How to Book

  • We have two rooms available with a “single” queen-sized bed, reservations for those rooms are 69.00 per night. Maximum of “two” persons per single room.
  • We also have a larger bedroom available that features “two” queen-sized beds and a child’s bed for 85.00 per night. Maximum of four persons per double room.
  • If you wish to book the larger room with 2 queen beds at a higher rate, the difference in price is due upon arrival.
  • Also please note that all prices are with no “hidden” fees.


  • Semi-private outside entrance
  • lighted key-code access
  • convenient parking
  • friendly and safe neighborhood
  • keyed locks on each bedroom door and privacy chains
  • security features such as automatic lighting and video cameras at entrances.
  • Appliances are all modern stainless finish and energy-efficient.
  • Keurig single-serve coffee maker
  • large screen TV with access to Netflix
  • DVD player


Five minutes from Wal-Mart, downtown, Campbellsville University, dining, parks Campbellsville airport, Green River Lake State Park, and Civil War battlefields.